Crop hail coverage provides protection against physical damage from hail and/or fire.  Coverage is provided on a per acre basis with a dollar amount of coverage selected by the farmer.  Options with different deductibles may be selected to reduce premium costs.  This coverage can be added during the growing season, unless the crops have already been damaged.


The production plan is a policy that is tied with your MPCI policy and is used to protect the value of your crop that is left uninsured by your MPCI policy.  Unlike traditional crop-hail policies that pay the loss after adjusting is complete, the production plan makes payment after the hail/wind loss percentage is compared to actual harvested production.  This policy allows the producer to protect up to 120% of their APH.


Green Snap is an optional endorsement that protects against the breaking of the stalk at a node above the brace roots and below the ear as a result of wind and that will prevent either an ear from forming or the harvest of ears by normal harvesting equipment.


Wind is another endorsement that provides coverage for both wind and green snap on corn that has suffered damage from wind.  It covers ears that cannot be recovered because of flattening, bending, or breaking of the stalk

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